'It' Pants of the Moment

The Palazzo Pants are exactly what I'm talking about.

As usual, some street style, real life looks give a clearer idea of what I'm talking about. These pants are purely 60s, but with the right colour combination you can take them to a more polished, glamourous level.
Some Street Style featuring Palazzo Pants!

One of my favourite bloggers Kelly Framel of The Glamourai wearing Palazzo Pants. [Ps Ms Framel is the kind of woman who appreciates an elegant, platform less court shoe!]
I've conjured some looks on polyvore for ideas on how to wear palazzo pants. But I'm pasting them here to better explain the workings of each.

My favourite has to be this one:

Black, white and yellow has been one of my preferred colour combinations lately. Not to mention, it's a more elegant take on the palazzo pants. It's a bold but elegant colour option.

Last year, the stripes took a horizontal trip in fashion. This year it's more about bold vertical stripes. The statement, attitude-oozing pair of palazzo pants is a perfect addition to any wardrobe for Spring/Summer 2012. I kept the rest of the pieces neutral coloured. Although some additional metals in the form of jewellery wouldn't hurt. BTW, anyone who's willing to give me a pair of those beige Tom Ford Cat Eye Sunglasses is more than welcome. ;)

Once again, the pants are bold - albeit plain. Basic colours are all the rage right now so do play with them. The cuff is the statement making jewellery piece of the moment. The Burberry Prorsum Bag adds coherency to the look - puts it all together and softens the yellow versus blue ensemble.

Once again, one of the primary colours features here. I love a cropped teesh with palazzo pants. Actually I love a cropped teesh with anything! In fact I'll show you what I wore a week or so ago whilst shopping at Zara.

It's not a photo of the finest quality - it's actually a photo my mum took of me with her phone. :)


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