I had a thing for that song (refer: title)...actually, I might still have - whenever I would doodle I'd write that line - Hello world, this is meee life should beee, oooh yeah, fun for everyone. Life is easy if you wear a smileee. Oookies. That was one random happy moment I thought I'd share with you, but it is me, really, I'm back. You might have noticed my absence these last few days here and on the blog's facebook page, which as you well know, I try to update several times a day and really on any other form of social media which I've dared invade, most recently Instagram. But since I wasn't feeling my best I couldn't quite blog and so, my bed (and my pillow) saw the better of me. So buh-bye world and virtual world. Lucky bed. HAHA.

Luckily, there were a few things which helped kill the time. Like watching Gossip Girl Season I re-runs whenever I had the energy to, and getting Issue 2 of Style.com/print in the mail. Which is AWESOME, FYI. What did I do when I got it? I SMELT it. I know, I may be sounding like I'm totally high on meds or just a super-excited fangirl - but one of my guilty pleasures is the smell of freshly printed material (amongst other things...). So there, now that's out, back to to what what was actually printed.

Some general info about the mag before anyone asks.

On the cover:
(PS: Why is everyone always so curious about who/what's on the cover? That doesn't really make a mag. What makes a mag is what it contains - the articles, the photos, the people IN it.)
Nadja Bender backstage at Lanvin, photo by Nick Waplington.

A glimpse into the contents already draws excitement.

Some Tommy Ton street-style snaps are eye candy.

Moving on, to something else I've been meaning to tell you all for a while now! I've been looking to find a way to sell a few of my stuff, because space has become a problem in my room and my wardrobe. It's something a lot of bloggers do and I find the best way to do it is to set up a separate blog altogether, to which you can subscribe and receive updates whenever I add items to it. Each item I add is a blog entry on its own and I took the liberty of sorting them according to size, condition, colour, material, season, and price range. So you'll be able to go through the items according to the category you pick. I will also be updating you with Shop Rouge updates on the RR Facebook page, as I've been doing. :) I'll be adding jewellery soon too, at very cheap prices so check back soon.

The Rouge Reveries shop's URL is

That's all for now. Hopefully by tomorrow morning I'll be fully recovered and able to actually step foot outside. Yayyy. In the meantime, online shopping and magazines will have to do. God bless the Media.


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