Fashion is Not for Everyone.

Yesterday I would have considered myself an advocate for fashion for the masses - about fashion being available for everyone, affordable fashion, designer and high-street and vintage and the like. Four or five decades ago, high-fashion was strictly for the elite classes. Designer- high-street collabs are definitely a step in the opposite direction. But I myself, am beginning to think that fashion being available for everyone may not be such a good idea after all. Fashion is meant to be elitist. The kind of class I'm talking about may not be monetary however. Fashion is art, and like any other art it needs to be appreciated. Today, if a girl has ample interest in the way she dresses there is a high chance that she believes herself to be 'fashionable'. But let me break it to the world - that is not necessarily the case. Knowing how to dress, isn't about knowing how to pair blue shoes with a blue dress.

No, dear civilians at the bus stop, I do not have a leopard print purse for it to match with my similar leopard print carry-all. God forbid I buy something for it to match intentionally. But I'll bet you might have marked that as sarcasm and thought me one of those who goes on with life buying everything matchy-matchy because that's what you were brought up to believe - that fashion is all about matching stuff, isn't it? But that wasn't sarcasm. Fashion isn't about matchy-matchy things, it's about buying non-matching things and making what's wrong look right.

Sometimes I swear I find it difficult to get dressed for a day out, especially to uni because of two reasons:
a. because I really can't be bothered to get dressed - oh the shame.
b. as soon as I put an effort into getting dressed I realise that it might be too much for the general mass to comprehend and I'll end up getting stared at wherever I go. Like I'm wearing poop on my head, or a Marc Jacobs hat at that.

I get to the bus-stop, and I have a five - seven minute walk to my closest bus stop so I meet a few people along the way. So the stares start from the moment I step out my door. Only this morning, I wore my cat-eye sunnies and bardot hair - stares. Last time I wore my snake ear cuff, even the bus driver had to comment. Sunny Malta, my Prada...

I realised this morning that I might just be the only one bothering to wear lipstick to school. Why is that so outrageous? I don't see my grandmother a day without lipstick and neither should I see you. Yet it seems everyone is so enshrined in their lipgloss-wearing ways. The more and more we go, the more we've let go of ourselves in some ways.

But rouges-a-levres aside (I just like the way it sounds in French better - but hey what doesn't sound better in French?), back to what I was saying about fashion for the masses. Fashion in my country is taking a step forward. True. I believe Malta to be a goldmine of inspiration but it lacks people with confidence. Also, true. You see - Fashion is not for everyone. It's only for the most confident people. That's what makes dressing fashionably a hard task. It's not just about putting random stuff together and hoping for the best either. It's about having the confidence in dressing fashionably, even if it may seem a tad avantgarde to the random passerby.

About a week ago, another favourite blogger of mine bryanboy posted a photo of him wearing a Jil Sander hat and Prada golf shoes on a public ferry. He captioned it most aptly - 'Never compromise y`our personal style even if you have to take a public boat with other people.' I'm posting it here for all your sake.

What also struck me is the fact that people weren't giving half a glance at what he was wearing or doing. But not here in Sunny Malta...someone would not have only stared but also said something really witty and illuminating - I'm sure.

Fashion cannot be for everyone. Because it were it wouldn't be so special. Much like art isn't.

Fashion is not just about getting dressed and feeling adequate. That one ferry has sailed long ago. Fashion is the most honest of art forms. It's the way you not only want to dress, it's the way you want others to see you. If you're all about fitting in, than that's a different story. But being different, being fashionable, pardon my language, that takes some balls.


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