Blue, more blue and some white.

I put a few outfits together with the intention of shooting them this morning. But, of course, I woke up sick. Yet,  I am not one to cancel plans so easily, and I had my mind set on doing this. So this is basically one of the 2 and a half outfits we photographed this morning. I am extremely happy with it. Not the mention, this top is one of my favourite wardrobe pieces at the moment. When I spotted it at Zara, my reaction was ooohh a huge sweater. (It's not that huge in reality, but anyhow my mind was already set on making it my own.) And it's the kind of pastel blue I approve of. Yay me.

So here's the look I put together! It's the ouftit I wore for Easter, by the way. I plan to wear this sweater with cut-offs soon too.

Zara sweater
ASOS jeans
Zara box bag
MANGO friendship bracelet
Bershka sandals
Cat-Eye sunglasses from Ebay.

PS - isn't Malta beautiful?


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