The Skirt of the Season

The Skirt this season sure is feminine. The peplum shape is having its way. The glorified shape sure puts demure and feminine in one sentence - if that has ever been possible - and along side it - the Umbrella Skirt, of which derives the Skater Skirt. Think round and full - not too long, not too short. Or go twenties style and pick a low-waisted one. The said skirt is far from tight-fitting but it accentuates the hips nonetheless. It is the shape which glorifies the female body without hugging the skin and thus foregoing the shame-inducing VPL (Visible Panty Line).

Here are some street style snaps from the most fashionable cities to get you in the right mood:

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I've created a few looks for some ideas on what to wear said skirt with. If like me, you're not too feminine in your style choices I've thought up a few ways to toughen up the look.

 I love a boyfriend t-shirt. In fact, I love a boyfriend shirt too or boyfriend jeans or any sartorial term juxtaposed with 'boyfriend'. Also, it lessens the femininity of an otherwise immensely girly skirt  (The one pictured is River Island, by the way). The cherries don't help either. However, they're a fun print so paired with some neon and black combats the 'girly' facet didn't have much of a chance to say hello, did it?
 Again, the boyfriend t-shirt! This time I paired it with exotic prints. Also, I love that its tied at the waist. The wedges are Topshop - and the Topshop Sliema store have it!
Another look composed of a feminine skirt and some tough, earthly pieces. I love the gladiator allusive sandals. They remind me of men's sandals, except they're wedges. Of course, it wouldn't be me if I don't put some Givenchy into the equation - so the necklace and the cuff are, go figure, Givenchy! I thought they were a nice touch.

Now this may look like the rest - but there is one difference! This time, the t-shirt has gone Crop-style. There is not a silhouette I love more than a skater skirt and crop top. That's the hidden skater in me, I guess. The fish-mouth platforms are currently favoured by moi - regardless of the fact that the platform pump isn't my preferred shoe of the moment as I've repeatedly mentioned lately. The pictured beauties are Giuseppe Zanotti - a Lady Gaga favourite FYI. The bag is, of course, Givenchy. Isn't it beautiful? The statement necklace adds some extra volume/interest to the top.

Now I know there are a bunch of you who are rather feminine in their style picks - so I've picked a softer option to the girly skirt. The pleated top is cropped. So do tone those abs! (The heels are Givenchy. Did the shark tooth give it away?)

Other than the boyfriend t-shirt, there's the boyfriend shirt which plays along well with the girly skirt (the one pictured is Vera Wang). The sandals are Givenchy and so are the geeky semi-cat-eye specs.

Find these sets on Polyvore for more info on each item here.


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