pupa milano - product review

PUPA kindly offered a few of us bloggers some of their products to try out from their Jeans 'n' Roses Collection - which you can read more about here. I've tried PUPA before, and I'm quite keen on their nail polishes and eyeshadow. This time round I wanted to try something different from PUPA. Some of you may ask about their retail prices so I took the liberty of writing them here.

The following are the products I chose:
1/ the Sparkling Eyeliner Pencil in 'Grey Silver' (03) Eur8.20
2/ the Glossy Effect Lisptick in 'Sexy Red' (03) Eur9.95
3/ the Blush Duo in 'Apricot Pleasure' (02) Eur14.50

If you haven't noticed already, I am the kind of girl who favours quality over quantity. Of course, high-end quality is still compromised by my financial limits. But I'd rather have 3 good quality products than 10 cheaper ones so I try my best. The products last longer and the result is good rather than mediocre. PUPA, like Revlon, falls under this category of good quality, reasonably priced products, as you can see here! I liked the 'Lipstylo'. It's a cherry shade of red, kind of a soft pinkish crimson.

I must say I'm impressed. I wasn't too sure about the shimmery blush duo initially. But it worked well. I'm usually a matte-blush girl but I thought I'd give it a go and I was pleased with the result, it added a ray of light to the dull weather - to put it poetically. I found it to be long-lasting too. It will work wonders in spring on my dehydrated skin, and added that bit of shimmer. I have to admit, sometimes I resort to applying make-up with my own bare fingers, because I can blend it much better than with a brush. Not to mention the minute illuminator section in the centre has to be applied with the fingers, because otherwise you'll just be risking mashing-up the 'duo'. [Side note: the intricate detailing gives it some bonus points!]

People, this is not the kind of shimmery pencil you feel isn't worth stretching your eyelid for. It's worth it, believe me. And it's visible, all right. As visible and as prominent as any black liner would be.

This is not a post I usually do, with make-up I'm usually more generic. I need feedback from you all, my stylish readers!


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