the eyebrow effect.

My closest friends know how eyebrow-obsessed I am. I take great pride in shaping them as close to perfect as possible. You see, the eyebrows shape the face. I never really comprehended the weight of this sentence, until I finally decided to get a good eyebrow shaping session. I already blogged about the best eyebrows in eyebrow history here. But it's time I zoomed you in on my own eyebrows and some tips to boot from my own experience.

As you can see, eyebrows for me are the bolder, the better. So usually, I make them even bolder with REVLON's eyebrow enhancer (which I've mentioned here). There are other alternatives, and maybe if you just want to try the look out, a good idea would be to use a chocolate brown eyeliner to darken them, or, of course, one which matches your hair colour. That way you can try the look out without spending a cent. 

Fashion-wise, eyebrows are becoming squarish and fuller. I would still recommend that you pick your eyebrow shape according to your face shape. A longer face for instance would require a more flat brow as an arched brow will only lengthen it further. If you're squared-jawed a curved brow would soften the strong features. Find some time to look straight into the mirror to determine your face shape. That way you can learn which brow shape would suit you best.Trust me, it pays!


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