Black Edition

I love spring... in fact, I live for spring. I was born just before the start aforementioned glorious, flourishing (literally) season. So in theory, I'm a winter baby. Poor, baby, me - I must have felt so cold! Yet, the thought of spring brings warmth to my soul and I've always considered it my favourite. Anyhow, knowing that spring's in two days I panicked! Think of all the colours and the vivid prints we'll be wearing. And that sinking feeling when anything black looks downright wintery. But... alas, there is always a way around it!

So as beloved and Romantic spring comes by, I'll have to tell a few of my black favourites goodbye and embrace others... the colour or rather lack-of is the most permanent of them all, so here's a post honouring my black pieces and how I'll be transitioning these black beauties from winter to spring.

My black ASOS oversized tuxedo with satin lapels - sleeves rolled up - or not - this baby took me through winter - and I'm sure it will take me through spring, worn over a patterned t-shirt perhaps or a sheer shirt. I wouldn't mind wearing it without a top underneath except for the impractical inconvenience of having to check every 10 seconds if anything's showing.
The second photo features another ASOS piece - it's the same pie-crust body I wore here is reminiscent of YSL A/W 11/12 collection. It's gorgeous people, I can tell you. I look forward to transitioning this piece to spring. Actually, I think it's better suited for spring...

My black Miss Selfridge satin knicker shorts. I wrote a post about knicker shorts here. Back then I hadn't yet decided whether I should buy a pair or not. But as soon as I saw them at Miss Selfridge last October I bought them there and then. Here in Malta, wearing knicker shorts is not that much of a good idea, even in the hippest of places, most do not even grasp the concept of fashion. I do get a lot of bad looks whenever I do wear it.

ASOS black leather wedges. This was a gift from my boyfriend, two Christmases ago. Incidentally, I had been eyeing them for quite a while and thankfully the size turned out to be perfect. I'm a UK size 3 and it's usually one of the first sizes out of stock but anyhow it's mine! And I promise, these wedges are comfortable - regardless of their 16cm high wedge. I wore them in one of my earlier looks - here.

Aside: There is a difference between Platform Wedges and Platform Pumps. Platform Pumps aren't so high on the List of Trendy right now since they're being replaced by the classic Louboutin stiletto pumps because it's rather difficult to craft a beautiful shoe when there is a block under it. On the other hand, Platform Wedges are since the wedge is by nature a more casual form of shoe and therefore does not require as much delicacy in its form.

My ZARA limited edition lace top. It is a basic all through the year. I can already see me wearing it with my nude palazzo pants or black shorts, or red cut-offs. So that's another black piece to transition to spring.

In the second picture there's another ASOS piece - my cropped, sheer sleeveless shirt with a satin collar and pocket which I wore here. I can't wait to wear this with cut-offs! So another piece, easily transitioned in to spring!

My black faux-leather vintage bag. The versatility of this piece is incredible. It's minimalist but interesting at the same time. It's the kind of piece I'll wear all through the year.

This is the black faux leather peplum skirt I mentioned here. I wore it several times already and I plan to keep on wearing it come spring. Perhaps with a tucked-in boyfriend t-shirt or shirt.

Mango Suede Ankle Boots - this pair will definitely take over my spring wardrobe. With my mini Motel dresses these will look fab.

Last but not least - my black sheer shirt. I wore the pictured shirt here. I've worn it unbuttoned, sort of like a sheer cardigan over a mini dress. Since it's rather long it looked great over a strapless black mini dress.


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