Behind the Scenes at Runway Malta

As you well know, I haven't blogged in two days but I have a pretty valid reason for it and one you might like. I was helping out backstage at Malta's bi-annual fashion event Runway Malta. Five New Generation Maltese designers were showcased - Enrique Tabone, Ewa Nowacka, Martina Spiteri, Nicole Cuschieri and Geneva Corlett. The five were in a chance to win a full show in Maastrict, Holland. Next up was French Connection displaying some of their lines on the catwalk. Some foreign designers put up their show too - Turet Knuefermann, Marius Op t' Eynde and William Wilde. It was a fantastic experience and one in which I met quite a few interesting people.

My Facebook followers know I've posting updates there straight from Runway Malta. But such an event deserves a full post. I haven't posted these pics anywhere else so you're the first to see them. I'll be posting more on my Facebook page, so I'm shamelessly telling you to like it here :P

The shoes set up for the shows.
William Wilde fixing up a model in one of his beautiful pvc creations.
A few of the clothes from French Connection ready to be worn by the models for the show.

Hope you enjoyed this post :)
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