Another Runway Malta post

I had another post planned for today, but I figured - what the hell, I should tell you more about Runway. So here's another Runway Malta post. I'll start by saying what I liked the most, then move on to those little trivia tidbits that are fun to know.

The five Maltese New Generation designers all showed promising talent. I wouldn't be saying this if I didn't think so. I liked the ruffled tulle by Ewa Nowacka, the gypsy-like colour-contrasting by Geneva Corlett, the earthly materials and leather by Nicole Cuschieri, the colours, and flowy skirt by Martina Spiteri and the minimal but elegant use of black and gold by Enrique' Tabone. I couldn't really put my finger on a favourite.

Amongst the international designers, they all had a special kind of quirk. The printed jackets by Op t'Eynde made me wish I was a guy. I sure hope I find some similar print on a woman's blazer soon.

Here are the vids, from PavliStyle's Youtube channel, of the show.

Don't you just want those jackets... and the colours!! I loved the orange with the black and white geometric stripes. It was a wonderful sharply executed collection. Marius did in fact want sharp turns by the models, as you can see!

Next up was Turet Knuefermann (New Zealand).
The clothes were the kind every woman would want in her wardrobe, with exactly the right amount of edge - studs and black leather to complement navy satin swing dresses in the prettiest of silhouettes. There wasn't a single piece from this collection I wouldn't want in my wardrobe. The clothing was the kind any girl would find effortless but classy, elegant and polished simultaneously. You could tell this even from the models themselves. They enjoyed this collection, the clothing's comfort and sheer class gave them an instant morale boost. The silky, dark mustard, utility-like shirt is the perfect wardrobe staple come spring. Now I know I need one desperately by Spring.

What next?
Finally, William Wilde! There was a lot of hype around this collection, perhaps due to its innovative use of PVC. I've already posted quite a lot of pictures from backstage of this collection. So you already know, more or less, what the collection consisted of - PVC dresses, of course!!

This show had fun spelled all over it! You may be curious as to how the models got into the dresses. Initially, there were a lot of bruises in the process of trying them on. The only way they could get them on with less bruises was to cover themselves and the dresses with lube. Yes, lube. My hands smelt of pvc long after the show was over. The PVC added the naughty factor to a collection which is otherwise so feminine. The William Wilde collection  may just be the definition of a London collection.

(Photos by Stefan Vella)


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