Victoria Beckham: the woman, the line.

Yesterday was the day of the shoot - the shoot which I've been hinting about on the Rouge Reveries facebook page and which I've mentioned in my last post. It went well, and I'm happy. Now I'm eagerly waiting for the photos - while Stefan Vella, the photographer, does the magic. I can't wait to show you the looks I assembled! After that we went out because it was the first weekend my boyfriend and I were both free from studying and exams. Today blogger kept logging out - with my temper almost reaching its limit - but it obviously worked now.

The show was held today at 10:00am New York time, a' la Carrie Bradshaw at the New York Public Library - that's 4pm on our time (GMT+1). At approximately 4.30pm - the show designed by the Spice-Girl-turned-WAG-turned-devoted-wife-and-mother-turned-Designer neared its end. I promised I'd blog about Posh's Fall/Winter 2012/2013 show last Friday so here it is!

Victoria Beckham will always be an inspiring icon for me. To handle a family, have your own designer line and be the wife of a professional footballer is a lot of pressure and the woman seems to have a grip on it all while wearing sky-high stilettos (and boots now - as it seems - you'll know what I'm talking about in a minute).

Quoting Victoria herself, 
"This season I challenged myself to explore how clothes can make women feel when they put them on." And that's exactly what she did. The collection was all about sleek silhouettes and clean lines - I'd say the line echoes in many ways nouveau Minimalists like Alexander Wang, and Celine - except She-Beckham went for more figure hugging pieces a' la Herself.

What was perhaps the most surprising factor was the fact that Beckham presented us with flat boots - can you believe it?? The Woman known for her high heels wants us to wear boots come Autumn. Sure enough, I am a fan of the dress and boots combo. I've been wearing this look all winter - and next winter  won't be an exception. Go Vicky!


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