Today could easily be a Sunday

Today's a public holiday here in Malta - that means most shops will be closed, no lectures, no early mornings and the whole family at home. And what do I, occasionally (it's been a while since I wrote a post like this), do on Fridays? I write about the all the good which happened during the past week, and thank God for it. Quite an awesome way to keep myself positive - thinking about 5 good things, at least, that made me happy in one week.

Valentine's Day Fever at Home - Mum always decorates our home according to current festivities/ holidays - if it's a birthday, if it's Easter, if it's Valentine's day. I keep pestering her to start a blog about it all.

Preparing outfits for tomorrow's shoot
(Don't judge - that mess makes sense to me)

Yesterday was the first day back to Uni after exams. I got home at around 7.15 - took a shower, gave myself a thorough facial cleanse (it was dearly missed and incredibly needed!)

Speaking of the face - my beautician suggested the most awesome moisturiser for dehydrated skin - like that of yours truly. She gave me samples of it a while back and now I'm hooked. So, I bought the real deal.

A free Gelish application, which I won (OMG I've never won anything before!) - by Stephanie Lauri at the Melita Skin and Beauty Clinic. Thankfully my incredibly short nails and tiny fingers have been given life. [I was going for a neon shade- but chose a nude-looking colour - which I described as 'princessy' - I can't believe myself - I never go for anything earmarked as cute but all is good.] The colour is exactly what my short nails needed, not to mention I'm in the mood for nude shades lately and if it starts to chip, it won't show that much. But I promised myself - next time round it's going to be all about neon.

And last but not least - my new ASOS oversized black tux which I've discovered as the perfect party cover-up. Since I feel cold no matter what the average temperature is, I hate taking my jacket off when I'm inside and a coat gets to warm and impossible to carry around - especially in clubs and when I have nowhere to leave it. A tux is the perfect solution - elegant, and adds the right amount of masculine to an outfit, something I miss when I'm wearing a dress.

Things to look forward to -

New York Fashion Week continues (expect me to go Posh on you guys next Sunday - I have nothing but respect for that woman...) and London Fashion Week kicks off :D
+ Mary Katrantzou for Topshop out today week!! (I don't think it will be available in Malta - shocker (!) -but still a happy fashion moment)


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