Spring/Summer 2012 Must-Haves Part 1

I know I've already blogged a lot about Spring/Summer 2012, but I can't resist adding what I believe to be a tremendously useful list to it all. I've told you before how much of a sucker for lists I am. The Must-haves for next season -this is part 1. Too many to put here! So here's another one...keep this in mind when out shopping!

IN: Thin Soles, OUT: Platforms.
This Season is going to be one Heaven of a Pump Fest for me, with my favourite kind of pump being le plus populaire!

Am I the only one OVER platforms? Seriously, the thin soles are much more flattering and less ubiquitous than the platforms many of us are used to. Now this may come as shocking to many of you - but these:

ARE OUT. They are ugly, ugly ugly. People, do you hear me?? They are OUT!!

And they look worse than a tramp stamp. Just saying. [sorry for shouting, now I feel bad.]

I bought the ASOS ones - the pink isn't the colour I usually go for, but it looked good. None of these match the Louboutin Pigalle of course but they're the closest to the real deal I could find. Check out ZARA too.

The Peplum Jacket/ Shape
Last Autumn it was all about the boxy jacket. This Summer it's all about the Peplum. Yes, the peplum jacket, and peplum tops which we've seen a few seasons ago (try 5). It's back. Think of sea waves, and the tide hitting the sand. Apparently there's something else other than florals for summer, or pastels (!).

Taken from Vogue US January 2012 edit.

[Just bought the River Island Peplum Skirt - the leather look gives the delicate peplum silhouette the edge I look for]

The Boxy Clutch
This year smaller bags are on the rise. Celine's techni-coloured beauty has almost been sold out, even on pre-ordered. Die-hard Celine fans (like me, if some day I can actually afford it) have already grabbed the beauty off the shelves, or had it pre-ordered. So act fast. What's really stealing all the spotlight however is the boxy clutch.

True, you might not even be able to fit your mobile phone in that Gucci bag, and it might go a teeny weeny bit over the budget - but it's definitely worth its weight in gold.

Ironically, I can't find any yet off the high-street. The high-street caters for the mainstream, but that's not what I am about aren't I? ASOS had one, quite similar to the Gucci one - but it's sold out. See, High-Street shop owners - people want more of the Boxy!

More to come! Keep checking back! ;)


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