Platform Refresher

After yesterday's post and the response which followed, re my rant against platforms, there had to be a post to clarify things up. I don't condone all platforms as trashy. Indeed I have a few pairs myself. My own mum's response to yesterday's post was 'Why did you just let me buy that pair then??!!'.

Every season, there is a new shape, a new silhouette a new version of the It Shoe. Now, I don't appreciate anyone who is a victim to trends. I for one have gone through seasons without venturing into numerous 'very In' trends. Fashion is one strange thing, an intimate affair which has gone public. It is very personal, different to each of us. There can be no real definition of fashion, no real answer to 'What is Fashion?'. I, for one, only know what is not - it is not a seasonal bible which we must follow religiously - but it influences us whether we like it or not.

So yesterday when I pinned down 3 must-haves, I wasn't telling you buy these. I don't get commissioned for advertising any of the items there, mind you. I was simply according and making obvious the way I interpreted the catwalk. My shoe of preference for SPRING/SUMMER 2012 has a thin sole, so you will never see me advocating the platform next season. I don't like them because thin soles are trendier -I've always preferred them. Far more elegant, and a pointed one - so much sexier. So I guess, I'm the luckier of the lot this season. having more to buy - with thin soles being more in.

And - it wasn't just me who marked platforms as 'OUT'

[Harper's Bazaar US February 2012]

But I'm not having magazines vouch for me. I gave you my own designer picks yesterday. Now for those of you who like platforms, I'm going to show you which kind of platforms make the cut for next season.

TIP #1 
Try overt platforms instead of hidden ones - through a contrasting colour or texture, or an adjoined platform

TIP #2
Add some 'straps' to the recipe. It's rather more tasteful :P

TIP #3
Go for a block heel, or cylindrical heel.

Now some high-street finds:

[ASOS, ASOS, River Island, ASOS, Kandee from, Topshop]

Do enjoy this season's (Autumn/Winter '11) platforms before next season rolls in!


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