I have been a very bad blogger and you must all hate me for abandoning this blog these past few days, I've been very busy and in the little free time I had, I spent catching up on London Fashion Week - because what kind of fashion blogger would I be if I didn't follow fashion and not be up to date with all that's happening? I finally bought next Spring/Summer's ELLE collections mag - this year they seem to only be selling it in one place here in Malta (tweet/ or email me if you want to know), and loved it. It echoes next spring/summer's mood perfectly.

Anyway - back to catching up with you, rouge-lovers. As I mentioned a few posts ago, this week saw the beginning of London Fashion Week. Frankly, I haven't seen any show-stoppers (quite literally) - but the innovative manner by which the collection I'm about to mention was presented deserves a 10/10 only for effort. I'm not doing it justice by calling it a show - it was a 'Special Presentation' - but nonetheless a Main collection with all the bells and whistles that come along. I'm talking about the Stella McCartney show. Quoting Stella - "It's a main collection. And the one in Paris will be main collection too." Because you see - there's going to be yet another main collection in two weeks time, in Paris. The same woman who will be designing the Team GB kit for the Olympics, and the mother of four children.

Here it is:

The seperate pieces deserved a standing ovation on their own.

My favourite pieces have to be the peplum tops, the column dresses and gold waist belt. Not to mention, the gorgeous play with colours, the minimalist undertone with a feminine flair - classic Stella one could stay - but the show was far from classic. Eccentric, yes, conventional - never. A definite thumbs up for Stella.


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