My Make-up Bag

Along with genes, I inherited passions from my mum - particularly my love for make-up. When I was little, my mum used to give me Burda magazines to play with (if I'm talking jibberish to a few of you - Burda is a clothing pattern magazine) - guaranteed hours of sheer fun. I blame my love for clothes on that. Back before I was even born, my mum used to do make-up for the bride and her party. Pity she didn't take that up as a career - think of all the extra make-up I'd borrow from mum. Just like she let me rip apart her pile of Burda and fashion magazines, when I grew a bit older she, occasionally, gave me her make-up bag to supposedly 'sort'  all of the broken compacts and blunt pencils. I would empty it and rummage through it like a kid discovering a hidden jar of sweets. I'd try on every single make-up item and as any other toddler, my curiosity got the better of me. 'What is this?' rolled off my tongue too easily. And that's what I blame my love for make-up on.

Now that I'm 19 - almost 20 - I still spend more hours then I like to admit at make-up counters. I tend to go for anything colourful - mainly nail polishes and lipsticks.

I thought I'd show you what I do use and what I carry around in my make-up bag.
(NB: I say 'make-up bag' rather metaphorically because I don't really have one in particular.)

This is the entire shebang. (Well, almost.)

The next lot of images show the primary basics of make-up. Why do I have two shades of foundation you ask? For contouring. That's the beauty of make-up. (side note: have you ever realised that the phrase 'the beauty of make-up' is rather ironic/ tautologous?) At least that's what I bought them for. In reality, the times when I actually use both compacts are limited.

The brow shaper in the second image is one of those products I can say without a doubt I can NOT live without. incidentally, I didn't know that before I actually bought it. I find eyebrows to be an eminent feature of any woman's beauty and femininity. It's a misfortune that many unfortunately neglect shaping them well. I already blogged about the beauty of the brow here. Personally, I'm fond of mine and I do get compliments for my brows, but this Revlon Brow Enhancer just makes them so much better. It fills all the empty gaps. To be honest, I don't really find much use in the illuminator tip of the brow enhancer.

Two Essence products I've found to be staples are the brow gel/ transparent mascara (which I use as a brow gel to keep my brows in place) and the volume & gloss lipgloss (which I wear over lipstick). The lipgloss is one of the only few glosses I've actually found useful.

The Brusher, Bronzer and the gel Eyeliner.

I totally dig cat-eye eyeliner. And Maybelline does gel eyeliner so well - I wear it everyday.

Last but not least - the fairest of them all! The shades I never tire of. Now I need to buy a tangerine matte one.

And my most recently purchased shade of nail lacquer - Catrice's 'Bye, Bye Birdy'.


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