THE BLOUSE: anything more versatile?

A few weeks ago my best friend, Andrea, thought I should blog about the blouse. There and then, I realised how sometimes I tend to oversee the simplest and most basic of clothing pieces. We hardly go through a season - spring, summer, autumn or winter without wearing some form of the blouse - and it's natural to fall into a rut and cease to formulate new styling options with this season's blouse. I myself, have fallen into the rut of wearing a blouse buttoned up and tucked in high-waisted cigarette pants, or under a jumper. But there are other options of course - and as always I've turned to the catwalk for some inspiration and innovative styling options...

You may have gotten used to me now - and my motto is - when in doubt, look at the Runway. Indubitably - the Spring/Summer 2012's Queen of the blouse is Chloe.



TIP #1: Pair loose with loose - loose blouse, loose shorts and leave the belt hanging low.
TIP #3: It's time to get those chunky belts out again.
TIP #3: Pair your prints and florals with crisp white pieces.

I've created a few looks with stuff picked from high-street shops - that way you can refer to this post whenever you're in desperate need of new ways to wear your blouse.

I'll post more if new ideas come to mind! Don't be afraid to mix texture with print - and most importantly HAVE FUN getting dressed. It will show if you don't. ;)


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