The Bag Reference.

One of my most loyal readers asked for this one. But I'm sure many of you will find it just as useful! Often enough we're met with a bag frenzy. Yes, my dears, a frenzy. The most common mistake is that of association. The assumption that we must wear a clutch for evening wear or a tote for shopping. In reality there is no definite and distinct line of difference between the choice of bags. I'd rather think of the silhouette I'd like to project, than being matchy-matchy (never an option for me). A clutch may just as well be sequined or demure. I'd wear either for day or night. Because it always depends on the entire look - put together.

Here they are, my picks, straight off the high-street...

The Clutch

[Asos orange Perspex Clutch; Oasis Faux Snake skin clutch in mint; Topshop Polka dotted clutch, Newlook zigzag clutch, American Apparel Suede Clutch, American Apparel Nude Clutch, Pieces floral clutch]

NB: I know, I know, me and florals!! NEVER! I chose that clutch because the florals have an exotic aura to them and it reminded me of 60s pop-art, which I favour! So I might, just a teeny weeny bit, think they're ok sometimes - florals I mean.]

The Satchel
I should admit this kind of bag has seen better days of favour on my part. Opening and closing any satchel when it's overflowing with stuff, which I simply must carry with me, is a blessed nightmare. So I've been giving satchels a pass lately - but that doesn't mean none of them struck my fancy. As a side note - doesn't the brown River Island one pictured here look like a Miu Miu?!

Topshop, ASOS, River Island, Stradivarius

What I've lately opted for are cross-body bags. Except I don't wear them that way. I wear them on one side. Smaller, so they limit the amount of useless stuff I keep carrying around and so easily changeable. If I want something chicer, I could easily ditch the strap and use it as a clutch. There's no limit as to how big a clutch should be.

The Cross-body
[Stradivarius, ASOS, Miss Selfridge, River Island, Newlook]

Of course there's the shopper tote and the hobo (synonomous with Mary-Kate Olsen)... These are the silhouettes I believe you'll never go wrong with.

I might add to this reference in some future post - so stay tuned ;p


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