The 14th of February.

This post is going to be different to any post I've written before. Primarily because it has nothing to do with fashion. Apologies for that - this is, after all, a fashion blog. But you should all know that I'd be nothing without my loved ones who I shall be mentioning soon enough and with today being the proposed day to supposedly celebrate love, I'll be taking this occasion to thank the ones who have been there for me from my very first post, if not from the moment I dreamt of this blog.

If you don't know this already - I am a dreamer. And thankfully, I have a loving family and a boyfriend who let me dream and aim high. Sometimes, they even join in on the dreaming. They have been there for me every step of the way. They read almost every blog post, if not all and they are the ones who I woke up in the middle of the night when I first started this blog - when I have some "big" news I'd like to share - even if it may seem irrelevant the next morning.

Sometimes I'm so caught up on this blog, I don't have time for them. Just yesterday, my boyfriend came by only to find me watching the Phillip Lim show and then blog about it. He didn't complain once - on the other hand he kept checking the blog's stats and thinking of ways to help me make this blog better. I can't ask for a more supportive boyfriend.

I address this to my family and my boyfriend - whenever you feel under-appreciated please do re-read post. I thank you for being so supportive and for simply bearing with me and my moods.

Last but not least - I do appreciate you all - my readers - because without you why would I blog?

Eternally grateful,

PS: This isn't the last of today's posts...check back soon ;) xx


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