What's in my bag?

I realised, I've never published a 'What's in my bag' post... It's a classic fashion blogger post, and I think it's about time I made one myself :P

So here it is!

The Dior Parfum case acts as a camera case - my Fuji cam's pretty compact - thank God - so I can carry it around in smaller bags.
My wooden, painted geisha comb as seen here
Revlon Kohl Black Eyeliner,
Eva Garden concealer (my skin gets really dark around the eyes - so this comes in handy - especially since it's liquid!)
Revlon Stormy Pink Lipstick as seen here
Jason Beeswax Lipbalm
Mango aviator Sunglasses and case
Tea-tree oil - if I had to start blabbing about all its uses I'd need a month's worth of blog posts! It might smell a bit, so be wary of those in the vicinity they might not like it so much...
Filofax as seen here
Parker Pen
Red Highlighter
White Sticky Notes - as I've mentioned before, I have a list-compulsion so this comes in handy.
Fiorelli Leopard print purse as mentioned here
Zara studded leather gloves as seen here


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