Timeless Moss

I like to channel looks which are stylish but timeless - out of this world prints are not my way to go. I do like an exquisite piece - but it has to be exquisite now as it will be ten years from now. Now I've mentioned before how Kate Moss is one of my favoured major style icons. What I love about her style is that if you look at one of Kate's looks from the 90s and then look at one of her more recent looks, you wouldn't realise they're from a different decade (if Kate doesn't look older). If we had saints in fashion, Kate would be St Kate of Timeless Clothing. She is the ambassador of immortal style.

But what makes Moss' style look so unique? So timeless?

Effortless is the word
Kate doesn't do polished. Now as much as we all love the neat and tidy - it bores me almost the instant I wear it. I predict this will be one of the challenges I'll have to face if I ever become a lawyer. When belting up a dress, keep the belt loose. Go for loose tailoring, messy bed hair, leather skirts and statement jeans!

Wayfarers and Aviators are a must.
'Nuff said.

When it comes to the eyes...
Smoky or Cat-Eye. Either way you're doing alright ;) Lately, I've personally been addicted to gel eyeliner and the cat-eye. A look at a few of my latest looks is proof enough ;)

[Photos by Stefan Vella. Click on 'look diary' in the Menu bar for more looks and photos :) ]

Be authentic...
Buying a t-shirt with a bold 'I'm a rebel' sign doesn't make you one. Go for the authentic - such as buying a vintage t-shirt of a rock band you admire (please note however do not, and I repeat don't you dare buy a Metallica t-shirt, for instance, without knowing the lyrics to Nothing Else Matters. That will only make you fake.) Also, do it the Kate Moss way - if you want a man's trilby, really do buy a man's trilby.

Appreciate the clothes for what they are...
I'm not saying forget the trends, what I favour however is the actual pieces. And this is what Kate does - she values clothes for themselves, not because they're trendy or they work well with something else. She buys things for their own singular beauty. Those loyal readers out there who follow me on facebook must have read what I posted on the Rouge Reveries Facebook page -  what German Vogue Editor Christine Arp had said in an interview with style.com:
"I guess I'm one of the editors who doesn't believe in trends anymore... it's just about great pieces on the runway..."
And I couldn't agree more. A beautiful dress will always remain a beautiful dress and here I repeat what the famed English poet John Keats had said:
A thing of beauty is a joy for ever: Its lovliness increases; it will never Pass into nothingness...

Diamonds are a girl's best friend
Kate and diamonds go together like pearls and Chanel. Kate always glams up an outfit with the right kind of diamonds.

Moss is truly an inspiration :)

Much love x


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