Now I can breathe.

Exams are finally over. The heavy tick-tocking clock of Guilt has finally stopped. Now I can post as randomly as I want and actually enjoy it. No more guilt because I've spent the past 4 hours planning my posts. At least for now, I can relish in the fact that I have a few months before my next exam.

Anyhow, the past two weeks have been all about couture in fashion. What no one really mentions is the fashion parade that takes place outside the fashion houses, the street-style entourage. Almost every walking being at fashion week is an artistic expression.

When it comes to fashion week there are no rules. It's all about making a fashion statement - quite literally.
Some of you might find a few of these rather out-of-this-world. But really, I'd love to see more adventurous people, fashion-wise, over here.

Anna Wintour in all her glory. With fur and her signature Chanel sunglasses in hand!
Middle picture: Anna Dello Russo in Givenchy
Carine Roitfield in her signature pencil skirt silhouette and Anna Dello Russo - as perfectly flamboyant as ever.
And some fashion week material goodies...

ASOS clutch, New Look colourful beaded necklace, River Island geometric bodycon dress, Fiorelli ipad case, River Island pants, Topshop backpack, ASOS wedges, Topshop wedges/flatforms, Topshop body harness, ZARA collar, River Island Sandals
{Images copyright of their respective owners}
And last but not least - my mum just got me the Vogue Paris Spring 2012 Collections issue from Brussels! It's the best ever - a compendium of each show from Paris, Milan, London and New York :D

[I took some snaps to give you an idea of it!]

I'd feel guilty if I didn't mention ACTA. If you'd like to know what ACTA is about and how it will affect you,  this is a good article. Do your bit and sign a few petitions and help keep the internet and blogs like this alive -
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