New Year Resolutions - Must or Cliche?

The world wide web seems to be experiencing a surplus of the words 'new', 'year' and 'resolutions' and worse - the juxtaposition of these words.

I don't condone the idea of it, but I simply won't participate in what seems to have become a cliched annual ritual. Anyhow, whilst not meaning to sound snobbish, I rarely regret anything I do and as far as I know - no one should need a new year and a fresh yearly calendar to change and adamantly decide to start what you know you should be doing or stop what you shouldn't be doing... 

Sounding negative is not something I favour and since this is, most categorically, a fashion AND personal style blog - I won't go all critical. But fashion-wise there are a few things I could say about resolutions. 

1. Hats!
I'm a hat lover. In fact one of the earlier looks I posted here involved a floppy hat. In 2010, the wearing of hats on a day to day basis was still a novelty here in Malta so whenever I wore my hat, especially my floppy hat pictured below, I did receive a few lingering looks - looks of approval as well as looks of ridicule/ surprise by the unfortunate, astoundingly large amount of people who are the reason why Malta is still backwards in the fashion field... Two weeks ago, I spent a whole week wearing one hat. I only stopped thanks to (or no thanks to) a contravention by my brother and boyfriend who thought I was going overboard with the hat phase. I wore a hat everywhere, even to the grocery store or the supermarket or to the library or to school. The aforementioned hat-of-the-week was my boyfriend's own black trilby. I wore it everywhere! In fact, I also went overboard with hats on polyvore - as evidenced in the collection of all my polyvore sets involving a hat. 2011 did see more hat-embracing people - they were also a hat hit in the blogosphere! I'm hoping I see more hats on the Maltese streets this year.

Photo by Stefan Vella - Look found: here

2. More of the eclectic.
I haven't decided yet on whether I prefer the minimalist or the maximalist. And I don't think I should be deciding anyway. I'm rather eclectic in my style both in fashion and in interior design. Eclectic is what keeps life brimming with surprises and with the unexpected. I believe that if one constructs their own rules of style you'll only be imprisoning yourself and depriving your self from so many options. So, ditch all the sweeping statements. They won't do you any good! Go for, "I generally hate florals, but in this case they work really well...". That's better! I want more of the eclectic this year - no more matchy-matchy, people!

3. The Decade of the Year.
The last year, 'sixties' was a buzz word, and so was 'fifties'. As for 2012 - the embraced decade will be the twenties, I can assure you. The Spring/Summer '12 collections are proof of that. And who can amalgamate the '20s dropwaist and modern? Phoebe Philo at Celine, of course.

Celine SS12

4. Less of: *drum roll* Metallics!!
As with most other trends I'm overjoyed with the trend when its brand new and still shiny (pun intended) but when you see too much of it, it gets boring and disinteresting. It kind of fades into the background and into oblivion. With a New Year's Eve party which seemed to be a meeting place for Metallic apparel, any metallic piece is, from this point on, nauseating. 

5. There are a few sartorial items which have been aggressively repeatedly worn and which I really am tired of. I wish everyone would just store them away for a while, I will in fact store such pieces right at the back of my wardrobe. If you must, think up some innovative way to wear them again - just don't casually throw them on as you usually do.

Some of these pieces include the denim shirt, the brown brogue, the buttoned up polo-shirt on men and women alike, vintage looking stuff which isn't vintage - particularly those floral vintage inspired jewellery and clothing - I never really liked them since they give me an instant fake and cheap impression, tarnished gold jewellery (seriously, I've had enough), oh and have I mentioned metallics?

6. Stuff I do want more of - more block heels. It may not be the sexiest heel around, but I'm bored of the usual heeled pumps. I want something different. We're also lacking Pigalle-style heels. This is my fave Moss image - this will illustrate and explain my Pigalle lust better:

Now, do you share my lust for this classic?
I'll never find these babies on sale but it's definitely The Heel worth investing in!

My style icon wearing my dream heels. Best. photo. ever. (Photo from )

and Mossy again wearing le Pigalle:

7. Something else I want more of: leather pants, especially zipped leather pants as seen above, in petite sizing. Finding one in my size is a living hell - being 5ft 2' does not make pants an easy option, perhaps that's why I prefer dresses and skirts so much more.

That's about it. Starting 2012 with hopes perhaps, rather than expectations is a sure way to keep you on your toes - you never know what will happen.

Let it be a great year - I wish you all the best possible year ever!

Toodles xx


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