Tuesday, January 31, 2012
Not that, but Balmain, Spring/Summer 2012. Now Balmain may not be Karl Lagerfield's cup of tea, but it certainly is mine. I've recounted my penchant for the Balmain-esque at least twice here, on this blog. You see, I rarely like an outfit if it doesn't have an edgy side to it, a sinister aspect, if you will. [Remember my love for Tisci's Rottweiler and my spike and stud obsession?]. Ironically, the darkest of them all, the lynch pin of sinister - the Skull, I've always quite rejected. And that's the one facade of Alexander McQueen I adamantly avoid. And now I've gone off topic. Back to Balmain.

Balmain's S/S 2012 collection inspired this post. I'm not a fan of pastels, but I've always loved the palest of blues - mint-like. Two years ago I wanted pale blue nails, and had to rummage through ebay to find anything similar to it. A year later (last summer), mint nails were all the rage. So much so, I got bored of them. Still, mint and pale blue in clothing are another thing altogether. Whilst being a soft colour it could just as easily remind you of the rather zesty taste and smell of mint. And bammm - you have edgy. Like there's something else behind it.

Last September Balmain brought pale blue and edgy to the catwalk for Spring/Summer 2012. I don't mean to glorify, but I hardly ever blog about things I don't like, do I? So if it's here, it's either soooo horrendous it's worth ranting about (in fact I'm considering writing about the S/S 2012 Dsquared² collection) or I like it. Give me some exquisite detailing, good, old texture and perfect tailoring and I've fallen head over heels. What I especially loved this time is the combination of luxe gold, self-embroidered fabric, pale blue, white and gold.

From right to left: River Island jeans, Zara chain belt, Miss Selfrige kimono, River Island Ring, Topshop Maxi skirt, ASOS Armour Cuff, Mango White Shirt.

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