Kate Moss - the New Face for Mango

Just in case I haven't said this enough - I adore Kate Moss. Her style speaks to me. I've already written about Kate's style (click here). Incidentally Mango never ceases to be one of my favourite high-street brands. They have a signature style to their clothing which makes it unique yet so very basic! Quite like the supermodel we're talking about here, in fact. Nothing too over the top but Stylish, classy - and bold. Three qualities I look for in clothing and what I thrive for.

Luckily, I was sent this footage, courtesy of Bespoke Banter, from the Mango shoot.  So you'll know what Mango have in store for us next Spring/Summer - and I can assure you, it's bliss. The videos are in high definition, for extra viewing pleasure!

The outfit picked for the photocall, the one pictured here, is true to Kate - it's classic Kate, actually. 

To start off - here's the Making of. I like to peek behind the scenes (it's become a habit of mine to watch extra features and behind-the-scenes footage after I've watch a good movie!).

Photoshoot by Terry Richardson
Styling by Géraldine Saglio
Make Up by Charlotte Tilbury
and Hair Stylist - Odile Gilbert

The final product:

I absolutely have to mention the appearance of the DOS here - again! It does seem to be a hit with the design folk lately... [If you haven't got a clue what the DOS design's got to do with anything, click here]

I had to include this interview too - Kate iterates what I've mentioned earlier about Mango catering for the girl who lives by timeless basics - like Moss herself.

Some pieces from the Mango S/S12 Collection...

Now... back to the books.


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