Turn on the brights.

I can't believe I'm saying this. But here it goes - I might actually be falling for neon. Yes, neon - the utter horror! I can't even believe myself. Ah well, the heart wants what the heart wants. I think I'll limit it to make-up. And bags - yes I'd love a neon bag. Perhaps a t-shirt - NO. Stop right there! And here I am having a Gollum-like schizophrenic dialogue with myself about the pros and cons of neon. Perhaps you'd like to join in with all the craziness...

I'm not so keen to adopt the Nicki Minaj-alluding trend [and to think Wintour's considering giving her a cover!] As I've said, however, the neon bright pink lip does hold a certain appeal, and so does the bright orange lip. And anyone who's been following me on tumblr might have realised I have a penchant for neon pink lashes. Yes lashes! Oh my, oh my...

Actually I might have been pulled into the black bright hole of neon with the very first hint of them - when Jil Sander brought them to the runway - with bright aqua eyeliner.

and the bright pink for SS11

...which, as I've told you several times these past two weeks, I've currently been inclined towards wearing.

And now, with Pantone naming 'Tangerine' the colour of the year I'm quite eager for some bright pops of colour. Some tips to doing neon next season - only stick to an item per outfit because, for one thing you don't want to be arrested for 'obstruction of traffic' with all the bright going on, and, secondly, because you might risk looking like a lost soul from last year's fashion crew - with colour-blocking having been all over the sphere.

I've been in the mood for colour recently - my polyvore sets depict this:

If you opt for bright coloured make-up stick to an 'either/or' approach. So it's either the eyes (ideally eyeliner not eyeshadow) or the lips - not both. If you opt for lips, try to avoid the blusher but if you have to - go for a subtle touch of blush.

Much love x

Psss - I changed the sidebar location to the right - apparently it's kinder on the eyes this way - since we read from left to right. Tell me what you think ;)


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