Five Things

It's been a while since I wrote a 5 things post - I usually do it on Fridays, but since the last 2 Fridays were consumed by festive celebrations, there was, ironically, less time to appreciate the little things in life. I have a special attachment to the little details of life, they are usually what make my day. I do believe that fashion is about the little things, the little details which paint the picture.

I started this blog stating that fashion is in fact Art. It's simply Art less appreciated, unfortunately. The Artist within you isn't found by simply reading magazines, it's found by living. Yes, living. An artist has to be inspired, and sitting around all day reading magazines and browsing the internet won't do you much good. Fashion is exactly all about the little details - that cocktail ring - but on which finger? Is it gold? Is it silver? Is it classic? The little details are what distinguish you from the billions of other people in this world. So enjoy and make the most of them!

Here's to you... my 5 little details:

1. I did say I'll be redecorating my room, but doing that when exams are due in 2 weeks isn't exactly the best timing. It would involve emptying my wardrobe, all my drawers, moving all the furniture and the pungent smell of paint at the very least, so now isn't the time. It will have to wait till after January.! Yet, I can't stop myself from moving a few things... I like to shift around my cosmetics on my vanity table...just for a bit of change. Here's a picture of what it currently looks like.

[pssst... if you'd like to know more about the items in the photo - I've been playing with flash lately, so this is kind of in beta mode but anyhow - move your mouse cursor onto the item in question and find out for yourself!]

The rouge à lèvres are now sitting pretty in a glass candle holder - they remind me of candy this way!

My pretty Mil Ideas mannequin - it's a few years old now but I still love it. The beaded silver mats (meant for the dining table) are a sweet embelishment to otherwise plain glass jars. A note about the glass jars - I like glass in home decor, especially plain, antique-looking glass, it adds dimension to every setting.

2. FINALLY - IT HAS ARRIVED!! The Glorious First Edition of the Magazine! Sorry about my momentary lapse of "Cap-maniacism". I was too excited to contain myself. I really wanted to tell you my dear, most loyal readers! You see I ordered this baby on the 18th of November - and I only got it yesterday (I found out before I went to bed!). When I found out my favourite fashion site, was issuing the first ever seasonal magazine I ordered it almost immediately... It's beautiful people, I can tell you! I was astounded - by the quality of the design and content! [Being a tech freak, what might have pulled at my heart strings most instantly was the DOS-allusive design the mag held throughout. Me having coincidentally opted for this design a few posts ago (click here) made me all the more happy!]

 a feature on Tommy Ton's SS Fashion week shots - he happens one of the greatest street style photographers the fashion world has ever seen.
and here it is - the DOS-like design! Who ever said tech isn't glamourous?
3. Hot pink lipstick - I've already mentioned in yesterday how hot pink lipstick has been my Lipstick of the Week, and how it might just become of the Year. I'm wearing it every single day!

4. Sale shopping
I really needed the retail therapy. The only problem is, I don't know when I don't need it. Spent the day shopping last Monday - and I brought home a pair of black suede ankle boots from Mango, which I haven't mentioned as yet. And my new hat - loving it more and more every time I look at it!

5. Back to school.
I can't believe I'm saying this - but going back to school, attending lectures and just being there felt comforting.

Have a great weekend all ;)

Much love


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