Fashion Ads

The post you're currently reading is one of those, off-the-top of my head ones - random and totally incongruous  with the rest of my posts. Anyhow, I have long held a certain fascination towards ads, particularly fashion related ads. So I've decided to share a few with you...

Fashion is one of the most influential factors in our life - and it's often the scale by which we measure 'beauty'. In the same way Vogue Italia's Karlie Kloss Editorial influenced negatively the many out there who tagged it as 'thin-spiration' and was given a spotlight in pro-anorexic sites. The irony of it all is that Karlie Kloss isn't anorexic and the photo wasn't photoshopped in any way. There was no intention of influencing people to be like that. I found these ads to powerful in that they're mentally stimulating - they lead us to think about how we interpret fashion ads and how subliminal messages settle within our minds as easily as a catchy song.

So I do encourage you to think twice. Fashion does leave a powerful influence on us. Our mind is quite like a sponge, more than we recognise it to be. It absorbs anything and everything, and seeing that we're constantly being brainwashed - from the moment of birth, from the second we set foot in public, it's worth thinking twice about our preconceptions about what's supposedly beautiful, how we should act and the way we look. Sometimes our values are lost within an ocean of excessive vanity and superficial motivation - and those are not worth losing, because you might have easily just lost your true self forever.

Much love


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