Details and the Trio Theory

I have a passion for the minute, perhaps seemingly 'irrelevant' details in life. In fact, I'm thought to be a perfectionist by my close friends. Even if I want messy hair, I want perfectly messy hair. If I want laid back and effortless, I want perfectly laid back and effortless. It's hard to define perfection. And to see the extent to which  my perfectionism flourishes - this is the quote I have written in large lettering on my desk -

All that is not perfect down to the smallest detail is doomed to perish.
- Gustav Mahler

And alongside this quote:
Lack of passion is fatal.

But this is not what I've made time to blog about, amid the stress of end of first semester second-year law exams...

I came to blog about details. It's the little details which make each and every one of us irreplaceable. No one can be totally alike to another, some small detail would give us away in the end. That's exactly what defines our style.

This post is to pay due homage to the little details which make my own style unique. I believe details work best in trios - keep this as a rule of thumb when dressing - think in threes!

The Trio - Red lips, Studded collar necklace & studded diamond Earrings
Photo by Stefan Vella
Another trio - Sequined clutch, Studded Gloves, Python print
Photo by Stefan Vella - view and read about the entire look --> here
The perfect colour combo - petrol blue clutch bag and burgundy cardigan. I took this photo back in Autumn 2010 - but this colour combination is still one of my favourites. Never got around to posting about this look, and it's kind of 'past its prime' now...
Another trio, yet again - Vintage Statement Metal Necklace, cobalt blue gem ring and closed-collar denim shirt (and I love the way my hair colour literally resonates here haha!).
Photo by Stefan Vella - view entire look --> here
Studded wrap bracelet, Swatch silver and gold watch, vibrant red clutch
Pleats, Stripes and White nails
Trio theory works its magic - AGAIN.
Photos by Stefan Vella - Looks here and here respectively.
What is this Trio number 6? Studded black leather back, vintage tan leather belt, gem rings. View entire look here
The trio theory may just become a thing!! The large floppy hat, the radiant, messed-up hair and ruffled shoulders.
Entire look ---> here

I will formulate the Trio Theory some time soon and you, my dear readers, will be the first to know ;)

I will end this post wishing all those studying for end of term exams good luck!!

much love


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