what has made me smile this week.

It's Friday - well Saturday for most of you, since you'll be reading this next morning - and Friday means it's the end of the week. Today was one of those hectic days which I can't seem to get enough of. I will always prefer busy to lazy. The days in which I actually sit home all day aren't the ones after which I sleep peacefully and giddily-smiling.

And to you I present quite a few things which have made me smile this week.

A glimpse of my moodboard in my room - I stick any random cuttings from magazines which incur the slightest inspiration - a few of these pics have been on my wall for quite some time - I never tire of them.

My Fiorelli purse - 
I am the worst when it comes to choosing a purse or a day bag. I find it difficult to choose something which I know I will be using for a lengthy period on a day to day basis. I look for practical, stylish and classy in a purse. This one kind of ticks all of the right boxes for me. I know for a fact not everyone might dig the leopard print but I find it both elegant and fun. What may perhaps seem funny is that my day bag, which I've been using as frequently, is also in leopard print and it might soon end up being my signature - 'the girl in the leopard print bag'. haha :') I did not intentionally buy them 'to match' - that's not something I would do or encourage anyone to do - Prints are fun in their diversity - but it's further proof leopard is kind of my thing now.

Lately men's perfume has been my go-to. For now, I'm sticking to samples (Versace Man, Gucci Guilty and GHOST pour homme), but I might be buying myself an eau pour homme soon... GUCCI Guilty is on top of the list.

My geisha comb - I bought this last January on sale from Accessorize. It's wooden and just so unique! I love it's bold colours especially :) I might have bought it due to my imperishable obsession with Memoirs of a Geisha (the book, not the movie...)

(As you can see, the book has been given a read or two, and it's sitting on my bookshelf next to a few other favourites of mine - Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-four, Machiavelli's The Prince and San Gwann by Guze' Galea - one of the best Maltese novels ever written.)

My brand new Revlon make-up brushes which I got for FREE! Wooop. That's if you spend Eur40 on much-needed Revlon make-up - which I did spend. I swear by Revlon.

This is what I would have preferred:

Marc Jacobs Daisy brushes for SEPHORA
The Revlon ones will have to do for now...

The leather-like pouch the brushes came in.

Hope you enjoyed this! Now I'm off to bed. Big day tomorrow.

Toodles x


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