Ultimate Survival: The Winter Elements

Personally, I find a harder time taking care of my skin and general well-being in winter than in summer, regardless of the fact that the usual surmise is that summer weather is the harshest on the hair, skin and face! Winter is pure evil to the skin. My hair feels dreadful afterwards and my face is more cracked than it usually is. Thank you, wind - or not!

However, whilst I love the general idea of winter - that of cuddling up on a sofa watching re-runs of your favourite series or getting caught up in some new book, drinking hot chocolate with marshmallows, or simply lying down next to the fireplace listening to the fire crackling and the pouring rain outside AND wear warm, chunky sweaters - I detest the effect winter has on my whole body, especially my poor poor hands, which I have to buy gloves for (yay!)

Here are some of the gloves I liked from off the net/ around the shops:

ASOS suede gloves
Debenhams Navy gloves (hurry - they're on sale for £6!)
Armani Exchange black gloves
ASOS wool mix and leather elbow gloves
ZARA teal suede gloves
New Look gloves in mustard and wine

Now, as for the gloves I do own:
black leather studded gloves by ZARA seen here
and a pair of black vintage gloves (which you'll be seeing later on!)

There are a few products that have been, and still are, of great help in less-than-pleasant weather.

For my hand I use Vaseline's 'healthy hand & nail'. Sometimes I even use it for my hair, when I've accidentally poured too much into my hand. I do believe hair and nails have similar structural properties since they're essentially types of skin (yes they are - look it up) so what is there to lose, really?

After my hands, my lips are next to suffer due to winter weather (grr...). I suffer from cracked lips almost all through the year, but in winter they're extra cracked. Usually swiping a layer of lipstick is enough to keep them protected. But in their worst days I use the lip balm seen below to give them that extra bit of care and protection.

With my hair being so huge it gets tangled quite a lot so I use a leave-in conditioner, which I addictively use even before going to bed (hey, it smells good, ok!)

here they are (my life saviours)
Any products you'd like to share? I really need a face moisturiser asap! I have dehydrated skin - any tips?


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