There is something positively and outrageously sexy and alluring in slips. They infer sensuality, calm, comfort, sleep - all in one little garment. Ok, that and the fact that we usually associate them with lingerie when up until a few decades ago slips were solely worn under skirts or dresses, and not as a dress in themselves .

I've been looking for a satin slip for ages, ever since Rumi Neely from fashiontoast, (which is one of my favourite blogs by the way) wore one under a huge woolly knit with low-heeled ankle boots. It was in navy blue. Now this was about a year ago, and here I am still looking for the perfect slip. You see, when I obsess over something it does take a while for me to actually buy it

Why, you ask?
Because I concoct this perfect, immaculate image in my mind of the Perfect Item.

Unfortunately, this usually leads to constant disappointments on my end - although it does stir me away from buying less than perfect items to add to my wardrobe. So, in the rare case where I actually do find what I'm looking for, I get ecstatic and very proud of myself for not having bought a less than similar one a month ago. Sometimes I find something different to what I'm looking for but I'm pleasantly surprised. It kind of works both ways, this image-concoction.

So, I've decided to let you in on my Ideal Slip Search.

The criteria do kind of narrow the search:
1. It has to be opaque enough to be worn on its own (with a cardi or a large knit as mentioned above)
2. It has to be long enough to cover your bum, of course (since slips are intended for bed time they're usually quite short)
3. Preferably either a dark navy, a nude or white one perhaps or in black BUT NO prints.
4. Lace embellishment is allowed (unless it goes overboard), actually it's preferred.
5. I want it in satin/silk (not cotton... for God's sake!!)
6. It should not be skin-tight, it should be quite loose actually.

some slips + slip-dressing just so you'll know I'm not inventing this from the top of my head...

Narciso Rodriguez FW11; Ashley Olsen in a midi-slip, Kate Moss in a maxi-slip, Nasty Gal slip; Nude Topshop Slip, Navy Topshop slip and Nasty Gal black slip

And I shall leave you with a picture of Kate Moss from the Rimmel ad wearing a...? Yes, that's right a slip! This just goes to show that a slip can be worn glamorously as well as on a day to day basis.


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