Sale-finds - What and Why

First off, I apologise for going MIA on you guys these last 2-days but since the 25th was Christmas day and I was over-bloated with food and Mint Chocolate cake, spending some quality time with my family and never home, and currently not at home anyway (since I am at a retreat) I did not really find time to post.

Two posts ago I wrote about the different sale-shopping ideologies –that of shopping for basics for buying experimental pieces.
I tend to go for mid-ground. But for this you may need some tools for you to be ready to set into the wild that is sale shopping.

Tool #1: Anticipate Trends
I do shop for basics but I am guilty with shopping for quite a lot of random pieces – fortunately this usually works in my favour since I look out for which direction the designers are heading and shop for items with that in mind. In Summer 2010 I bought a dark sequined jacket from Mango which I wore on Christmas Eve 2010 – this year it’s all the rage. I can wear it this year as if it’s new, and last year I was the only one wearing a sequined jacket since they were still a novelty so I was original – that, my friends, is an added bonus! So look for items which you think will be ok to wear next year.
How can I anticipate trends?

Observe the runway. By December we’ll have the Pre-Fall collections out to guide us for next year. These collections will be displaying what you’ll be finding in the shops this time next year, not necessarily what you’ll be wearing but definitely what you’ll be seeing a lot of. That way you’d know which directions the designers are heading. For instance, this year will be seeing more attention to the waist as featured by Zac Posen and Burberry Prorsum in Pre-fall 2012... so do go for that leather jacket with an embellished waist – or perhaps you have one already and it’s time to take it out from your wardrobe.

Tool #2: Lists
I love lists – I write so many lists down, I sometimes list down all of the lists I have. [I've been told whoever's fond of lists is afraid of death...I do fear it, I guess]. One of the lists is about the stuff I need to buy during sales. I usually compile this in the months preceding the sales (November and December especially). Keep a piece of paper handy to list down the stuff you either wore a lot, or found you considerably needed. That way when Sale time comes around (that’s right about now), you’ll know you have to look out for these items or items similar to them.
If you haven’t written this list yet you may think back and think of anything which you found essential or really needed and didn’t have. That way when you go shopping you’ll know exactly what to buy – setting a budget would also help since you’d know what you should be spending your precious money on. Allow an amount for the random stuff you might like or consider exclusive.

Tool #3: Measuring Exclusivity
Sometimes I fall for stuff for the simple reason it seems ‘exclusive’, ‘particular’ or whatnot. Sometimes my exclusivity scale falters but I like to stick with the guidelines below, which I've developed with time. Whilst in most other cases, I do not mind the occasional checking-out of odd and random street shops with items marked with ‘Made in China’ – you might find the occasional worthwhile find, in this case I tell you to completely reject such shops. When measuring exclusivity I believe quality is everything – as it would easily look tacky and cheap. You may not know this now, but you will regrettably realise this later.

Here’s a quick-measure tableau:

  1. Quality
  2. Have you seen anything similar recently (even if it’s just a tad bit)? If the answer’s yes – then do not buy it.
  3. Would you wear it?
  4. What would you wear it with (if it’s limited to a single item – consider if it’s actually worth buying it! Always consider the cost per wear.)
  5. There’s a reason the price was reduced – find it!
And some photos from Christmas Eve - thought you might be curious ;) -

Photos by Christian :)


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