Pout out - Lip Shades Revisited.

Back when I first started my beloved blog, that's August 2010, I hadn't even found my perfect shade of red lippie and was still experimenting when it came to the choice of lip colour. What might have inspired my search for the idyllic coral lippie was the Rouge Coco ad featuring Vanessa Paradis which I had blogged about (here). Now, a year and a few months later I am the proud owner of five shades of coral lipstick. Oh, how times change. And I still haven't decided which one I might prefer, or which red lipstick I prefer, at that. Although my current favourite has to be Red Fever by Rimmel - at EUR3.75, it's incredibly durable. It also happens to be the first lipstick I've ever owned which actually neared it's end, all others are still quite new. Whenever I'm next to a make-up counter I can't really lie about it later since my stained hand, from all the lipstick I tested, kind of says it all. [Ironically, that's when the lipstick stays on, without retouching].

And I present to you my most cherished shades, from baby pink to a dark red...(I wish the camera could have picked the colours more clearly, but anyway this is what I've got)
'Fire and ice' and 'pink about it' by Revlon are my most recent purchases ['pink about it' mentioned here] but a raspberry shade of pink is right up there on my shopping list after Denise Xuereb at the Malta Makeover Studio made me up using Revlon's shade of raspberry pink (see the whole make-up process and details of the event in this post):

Photo taken by Malta Makeover Studio
(told you I love a messed up blow-dry!)


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