Outfit - Comfort is all.

This is a look close to what I'd wear as pjs...the soft feel of my chain-print floppy shorts and the cocoon shape of the knit are a perfect combination of comfort-yielding wear. It's pretty simple - being composed of pretty simplistic components - but not basics. I would love to hear your thoughts on it...

Once again, photos by Stefan Vella!

my Celine-allusive but not Celine bag from boohoo
[apparently this is how I smile when I jump...but I did jump high enough did I? :P]
I've already mentioned these as my ultimate pair of flats - since I'd worn them here already. But here's a pretty darn good close-up!
Rimmel red-fever again (and my huge hair)

This look consists of:

1. Topshop cocoon open-knit jumper
2. ASOS chain-print floppy shorts
3. Zara leather flats
4. boohoo bag

For more looks shot by Stefan Vella go here, here, here and here!


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