It's Christmas Eve

Many of you must have decided on what to wear by now for Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and all the upcoming festivities and dinners which they bring along. With the abundance of food we'll be eating I do hope our efforts to fit into all the dresses succeed...

This will be my last post before Christmas so here I bid you a Merry Christmas and part you with some style inspiration for all the upcoming dinners and parties you'll be attending.

I tried to be as diverse as possible in these looks... I hope you like them! I'd love to hear your comments about them ;)

Christmas Eve Baroque

Christmas Dinner

Christmas Dinner

Christmas Dinner - If you don't feel like colour

And last but not least - make sure you have the following to get you through the Christmas festivities - year after year I find these items to have an essential presence in my wardrobe. They're the kind of stuff you wear when you don't really feel like thinking about what to wear but if you don't dress up now when should you, really?

Feel free to print ;)

(psss... if you want to print it - opening the image in a seperate window would help - right-click, 'view image' would do the trick!)

Waittt... there's more! You thought that was it? After finishing this off, I realised a make-up must-have list wouldn't be a bad idea, so here it is ;)

These lists are in no way absolute. You may have your own rituals - but since these have been sure-fire items for me in the last few Christmas I figured I should share them. If you have anything you'd like to share feel free! ;)

And last but not least, a greeting from me to you, my beloved readers -


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