hello, most glamorous day of the year


It's New Year's Eve already and we can almost smell 2012 now. I would like this post to center around two things - 
1) 2011 (and all that came along with it)
2) and glamour (yes, glamour) because we need a good dose of it.

So... glamour - what about it? I'd like you guys to know one thing, our past generations fought hard for anything even remotely glamourous - so it is not only what I believe to be part and parcel with fashion and style, it is also part of our legacy - by 'our' I mean anyone who puts their time and effort into fashion, or at least anyone who tries to look good.

What is glamour really? 
...the quality of fascinating, alluring or attracting, especially by a combination of charm and good looks. 

I like to think of glamour as anything timeless, intriguing, beautiful and classy. Glamour isn't just about what sparkles and shines.

Do we really want to get rid of that? Should we really throw away what Anna Wintour worked hard to bring back in the early 90s (and get rid of grunge). Glamour is timeless - it comes in a Cartier watch, a pair of black satin gloves and a floor-length red Valentino dress. It's what the die-hard fashionistas of the post-war decades fought to bring back. Glamour is what war takes away. Let's not let it slip through our fingers. Glamour is what kept people alive and kicking in the 20s - when all else was lacking. Who are we to abandon that?

Why am I saying all this?

There are several reasons - but the most predominant is the fact that most of us are sadly resorting to comfortable pieces and forgetting to actually dress up. I've already emphasised on the grandeur and the sheer beauty of a dress here - a quintessential factor in glamour. I have to admit, I myself do find solace in a warm, fluffy house coat sometimes and refrain from actually making an effort in dressing up. But I do remember what Alexander Wang had to say on this matter and it kind of makes me want to dress up and try just a little harder - 
Anyone can get dressed up and glamorous but it is how people dress in their days off that are the most intriguing.
I really do get all flustered when people neglect to make an effort in at least looking decent. I don't want to shower you with quotes but this quote really befits what I'm saying here...here's what Chanel had to say on this matter - 
I don't understand how a woman can leave the house without fixing herself up a little - if only out of politeness. And then, you never know, maybe that's the day she has a date with destiny. And it's best to be as pretty as possible for destiny.
That's what glamour is about in my opinion. Glamour is about the flattering of the feminine form, glamour is Romantic - it's what Knights on horseback would have sung about if the concept existed back then. We can't let it slip through our fingers. On that note - I sure hope I see some pretty dresses tonight - no bra-straps showing or unruly hair. Let's all make an effort on this born to be glamourous day. Oh - and let's not go about and pose the convenient "I want to be different" retort. A baggy knit and combat boots on New Year's Eve isn't 'different', it's 'I can't be bothered'. I should think if you 'bothered' to read through this post you really do care and a what one would call a laissez-faire attitude here is 'lazy' not 'carefree' - so go on and put on a nice dress - tonight's the night...

- we're bringing glamour back!

Now as for the 2011 part of the post, with this being the last post of the year, I'd really like to take a stroll down memory lane here, just a la' Vogue.com and Elle  and show you what 2011 meant for me - style-wise (or not.)

1. The blog changed from this:

To what it's become now (I sure hope you like it better!). I do like to edit the blog's design from time to time - it keeps it fresh...

2. A wonderful collaboration with Stefan Vella.
...just so I can bring my looks and my style across to you guys (in a way which is far more alive than polyvore sets). And I promise, there will be more photos!

3. The blog's facebook page reached almost 170 fans! 
That's after a whole 3 month hibernation, 3 precious months which I'm immensely sorry to have lost...and 2 months of posting regularly.

4. What Katy Did
My favourite supermodel and style idol got married (I've just realised, I don't think I've ever told you about how much I love Kate! I should post about Moss some time soon...). She also continues to be a Vogue cover favourite - and that's no surprise.

The August 2011 editorial has to be my number-one...
"red lips, an arched brow and a nod to a bygone era..."

and a picture from the wedding is in place:

photo by Getty images
The Kills' Jamie Hince did Kate proud with that YSL suit. Galliano made the most exquisite and glamorous gown for dear Kate. And only Kate can pull off glamour and rock 'n' roll in one go...

5. Speaking of Galliano... haven't we all heard enough? Well, apparently not. Who's replacing him after his racist rant? That's for 2012 to answer.

6. The Givenchy Panther.
I've already mentioned Tisci's panther was my most coveted 2011 symbol. No matter how hard I try to convince myself, the Shark next Spring will never replace the panther in my eyes. Oh panther, what is it about you that enthralls me so?

7. Max-Out
As much as I loved Phoebe Philo-inspired minimalism, sometimes you just want that bold print in your life. We all know, Versace isn't one for balance and Donatella did bring back the Gianni in Versace with the Versace x H&M collection. I didn't fancy every piece - but there were a few pieces I did like. Speaking of designer / high-street partnerships there's still Karl Lagerfield next January and Marni x H&M next March to look forward to...

8. Karlie Kloss
The Vogue Italia alleged 'thin-spiration' editorial and Franca Sozzani's retort on her vogue.it blog on 'the truth about Karlie Kloss and Steven Miesel Photos' were worth a mention here...

This image wasn't photoshopped for Karlie to look thinner,
and Franza Sozzani still affirms her position against anorexia.
9. Sarah Burton designs Kate Middleton's dress for the Royal wedding - I posted about this here. You just can't mention 2011 without mentioning Kate Middleton and her Sarah Burton dress and Pippa Middleton's behind. There, I said it!

10. Amy Winehouse - 
I had to mention Amy! She will be missed both for her distinct sense of style AND for her musical talent.

I wish you all a fabulous 2012 and until next year...

let's raise our champagne glasses to Glamour!

Toodles xoxoxo


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