Hall of Shame and Sale Shopping.

We all have that item, the item inducing worry-lines on your forehead just by looking at it - the item you bought  out of desperation, or the piece you thought was a bargain or an exclusive one-off until you saw Cikka wearing it too (or worse - a rip-off!!) - the horror...

That's terrible, but it gets worse if you're one, like me, to make the same mistake over and over again. These days I'm careful not to make mistakes and I'm usually quite proud of my buys - I'm making the most of my budget by staying away from cheap 'fashion' pieces. Spending a little extra, ironically, is sometimes the better option - money-wise.

Now, as for the mistake I keep doing. Here it is - buying lip gloss. I keep buying coloured lip gloss and never use it. I keep thinking, this one will work wonders, this is different, wow this really will make my lips look bigger...or not.  The only one I wear is my Maybelline red lip gloss (which is discontinued, I believe), because it's thick and quite opaque. The rest of my lip glosses leave this funny-looking residue on my lips, which should be one of my utmost reasons why I should never buy lip gloss again. What else do I hate about lip gloss? Perhaps, the fact that it takes a sole gust of wind to blow in my face, for my hair to be - voila' stuck to my lips. Yet, I keep buying it.

Coloured tights (I know, I should be ashamed of myself) have taken up a rather permanent stand in my Hall of Shame - I wear them once and that's that. If I even wear them once, that is. I usually buy a new pair when I'm feeling extra-adventurous. Not a good idea.

There are some stuff which I do grow fond of eventually - like my tan leather jacket - which I regretted buying a size too big and now I actually thank myself I bought it a size too big...It makes it somewhat unique when I wear it.

Now that sale shopping is soon going to be the priority and buying stuff because of it's price will probably be the mistake of many... here are some tips to avoid buyers' remorse.

First off, one should know that the Sales can either be 
a) the time to experiment or 
b) the time to buy classic timeless pieces.

There are pros and cons to both perspectives.

If you're the type to experiment and try out new looks during sales and buy over the top pieces at a lower price this can happen:
  • You will end up buying stuff which is ubiquitous to its season and designer it was influenced by - and thus it will easily look past its prime if you wear it a few seasons after. For instance - the striped, raffia floppy hat or the striped black and blue print bag last SS11 are both allusive to Prada SS11. If I see anyone wearing these two pieces this spring/summer I'd easily think - she bought it last year.
  • Generally, if the item is over the top it will end up boring you after a few wears.
  • Since you're experimenting, you'll probably be buying stuff which is not usually your cup of tea, so you might be easily buying the item simply because of its price - and that might just be a waste - and I know of a place it will be at very often: the back of your wardrobe.
  • Directional pieces won't give you a good run for your money. They will be over, soon, and it will look like you're stuck a few seasons behind. Not cool. Preferably go for trans-seasonal pieces when experimenting (stuff you'd wear whatever the season - like a lace shell top).
  • On the other hand, it is the time to break your boundaries and experiment with some new options. If you're the jeans type of girl, what better time to try chinos? And you may have not bought a colourful blazer yet  - this might be right time to do so. Although I don't encourage you to buy a pink blazer if pink just isn't your colour...again - reduced or not, it's still money you're paying with. If pink doesn't usually suit you, it won't look any better simply because the price is reduced.
If you're the one to buy timeless pieces here's some stuff you should know:
  • Be very careful as to what you classify as a classic - a white shirt is a classic, a little black dress isn't. People, do not confuse 'Important wardrobe piece' with 'Classic'. Styles change constantly. Even in telling you a white shirt is a classic, there may still be exceptions. You see, designers update the buttons, the collar, the cuffs and so on all the time. I'd go for cotton or linen when shopping for such a piece. As for suits, you know the lapels change constantly - so do be careful. I'd go for a simple piece, perhaps in a different colour.
  • When it comes to shoes, buying a gold pair of heels with an in-your-face bow in front might last you a few seasons at the most. The style of the heel changes too, so be careful when choosing. Do not buy the hot pink and silver sequined heel, because they might be in this season come next year it might just look like a pair of stripper heels and I do hope you don't want that... I'd go for a pair similar  to these Louboutins (unless you can afford the real deal) like a patent black Pigalle as seen below.
  • Warm preppy knits, a la' Ralph Lauren are the reason sale-shopping exists.
  • I would also stock up on white t-shirts and plain, sturdy leather bags.
Personally I prefer timeless pieces during Sales, you'll be investing without breaking the bank. Good luck with sale shopping!

Tiziana xx

I don't know how many of you experience buyers' remorse. Any experiences you'd like to share? And what's your sale-shopping philosophy?


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