hair goes nothing...

Messy has been my kind of hair these past few days and we have to admit that as much as we all love a sleek blow dry, it's not that much fun if it's not messed up a little here and there.  Really and truly it's also a question of how practical sleek is and in my case it's not. Spending a day at Uni won't leave my hair looking nearly a bit sleek. Currently I'm sporting a blow-dry with a Bardot touch - with hair gathered in the middle, this way it won't matter if it's lost its lustre a little. Anything Bardot is exactly my cup of tea when it comes to hairstyles! Talk about bedhead beauty! I am not really a fan of complicated hair styles -  simple but playful is my way to go. The kind of hair you'd wake up in, the day-after kind. Beautiful.


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