For the wearer "who needs more than 24 hours a day"

Sometimes I run out of hours in a day. In fact I end up trying to extend the day simply by staying awake in the early hours of the morning, knowing that having to wake up a few hours later is what I'm dreading the most.

I know for a fact that it's not just me out there who needs, at least, an extra 4 hours to get 'one last thing' done. We might not be able to lengthen the day (...yet) but we have designers to invent the most incredible bags for us to take us from one thing to the next in our schedule when we're so lost in trying to fit everything into an already very tight schedule.

And so we have Phillip Lim...

3.1 Phillip Lim has been on my top 5 of my list of favourite designer brands, (along with Givenchy and Balmain!), if you follow me on polyvore you might have noticed this - since set after set I keep including stuff by Phillip Lim. Sometimes it's a shirt, sometimes it's a jacket, other instances it's a t-shirt or a bag. Favourite deisgner brands aside, I was talking about the latest innovation in bag world.

Here is a short snippet of the bag in motion - via

There it is - the 31 hour day bag! Essentially, it's not just one bag - it's a bag line. The collection is said to include a cosmetic clutch, a portfolio, a classic tote and a weekender, with prices ranging from $295 to $895 (that's about EUR230 - EUR900), the bi-coloured versions on the higher end of the price range (according to WhatWearDaily). The collection is to be available by the end of January. Lim wanted it to be "multifunctional and pragmatic, something that would transition with you throughout the day". We will probably be seeing a high-street version of this line soon enough, (at least let's all hope so) - ZARA will probably adopt a similar bag line of the sort soon, they're always quick to adopt runway looks and designer pieces - God bless them! If not, I'll be drooling over the street-snaps during Fashion Week next February - I can somehow tell there's going to be a lot of this bag line around...

You can never go wrong in black and white in my opinion - but the bag is also available in "neutral white, cognac, black and navy, juxtaposed with fizzy lemon, green and metallic accents" according to WWD.

What's your opinion on this line? Would you wear it on a day to day basis?


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