Catwalk Talk.

A little something about the Fashion Calendar.

First comes Autumn/Winter to begin the Fashion Year,
then comes Resort for the rich people to buy an extra '-kini' of some sort before going to Fiji to escape the winter chill,
Spring/Summer swings swiftly by - with some colour and some flesh
then comes Pre-Fall with what exactly?

You see the Fashion Calendar has, traditionally (it's funny to talk about 'traditions' in fashion when it's led by innovation - anyhow...) been divided into three seasons, or two seasons and a 'seasonlet' (Resort/Cruise), with September marking the beginning of the Fashion Calendar.


A relatively 'new' season (last 4 years or so), or rather seasonlet is that of Pre-fall. I like to think Pre-fall collections were designed with the intent of bridging the gap between the end of summer sales and the wait before the new fall collections are in. It was originally only known to buyers and a few editors - now, of course it's not, and that makes it sort of 'official'. Previously, the wait between the spring/summer collections to the autumn/winter stock was brutal to shops. The clothes are a tad more commercial than the main seasons' Ready-to-wear ones and the collections are supposedly a bit smaller - but they continue to grow, year after year. They may be looked at as a sneak-preview to Fall - to see which direction the designers are heading. I'm not complaining - more eye-candy! Seriously though, we might be looking at the most awaited-for collection of the year since it shows where the designers are heading.

The CHANEL Pre-fall Collection

Since I can't exactly show an entire collection here I'll show you the looks I literally stopped and stared for minutes at (out of a total of 79 - as I said - Pre-fall or not, the collections are growing!). It will suffice to say they're a mixture of French Chic and the days of the Raj in India. (You should also know that Karl Lagerfield has never been to India - he said, and I quote, "It's much more inspiring not to go to places than to go...".)

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(To those of you who are wondering, I chose Chanel to post here because this collection is what inspired me to write about the growing pre-fall collections).

My conclusion from what I've observed in the pre-fall collection is that metallics are here to stay but pastels are stealing the spotlight. AND, Maximalism - a counter-reaction to the minimalist trend popular in '10/'11, is only growing in popularity ever since SS'11. The Monochromatic look is still as faddish (more on this later!).


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