Catwalk Talk: Givenchy SS/12 - the shark eats away.

Colour-blocking is so last year - at the risk of sounding like a fashion victim giving her LVs to charity - it is. Anyhow, I've never really been a huge fan of it. It's a trend which must be worked perfectly or not at all. Really and truly, all 'now' trends are like that. Monochrome may seem to be the safe place, but it isn't. Whilst monochrome never, in my opinion, ceases to be stylish, it is still a look which requires mastery and a skilled eye. The best monochromatic look focuses on sharp lines, tailored structures, and so we have Givenchy...

Tisci never goes wrong and he continues to be one of my favourite designers of the 21st century. At first glance the looks may seem soft, rather safe and accessible but a second analysis brings about the realisation that they are not. I would suggest that unless you have a 'nice' bottom to put it mildly, you may want to steer away from the upcoming season's mermaid, wet-look alluding pants. Riccardo Tisci has, in fact, claimed mermaids and sea creatures to be his undulating influences. Looking at these looks, you'd ask were art thou, marine influences? Well then, look again. See the skinny, diver's pants? See the wave-like lapels? See the the flowing motion of the sheer and the shark-tooth heels. Givenchy might have gone for the panther last F/W - but the shark might have won the monster war this time.

Hello shark tooth and mermaid skins...

Trend forecast ALERT:
We might also be looking at a new must-have next season - the satin shirt! This season we had it in sheer, but satin might be the next IT shirt. You mark my words.

And we had zebra then leopard, then python - gliding to the reptile range - now we have mermaid and fish scales.


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