boot focus - what I'm loving (& what I'm not)

Anything chunky and low-heeled has been beeping wildly on my radar these days. Come January, when I've resorted back to jeans and and other comfort (albeit stylish) wear, in contrast with all the heels and dresses these festivities bring along, the ankle boots are going to be my go-to shoes.

I already have a few pairs geared up and ready to be worn, sitting in a prominent spot in my wardrobe, but I'd like to put forward a few which are out there which are yet to be bought!

As I've said - my mind is set on low, chunky heels and here they are - my fave runway pieces, from SS11 and FW11 (there was nothing I liked in particular from SS12)

Side note: I know SS11 is way over now but the two Balenciaga SS11 booties I pictured here are just too awesome to forget about, and I don't think they're forgotten by most people out there. They will forever be remembered as the boots which brought Balenciaga's revolutionary collection - Spring/Summer '11. Who had ever thought Balenciaga and 'street' could 'walk'(this time, the pun's intended) on the same pavement and be put in the same sentence? Now that's changed.

Now, I have to say this is not something I do very often, criticising. I believe many out there just blog incessantly about what they don't like, because that's way easier to do and they'll get the approval of a quite a few out there, because hey, everyone likes a rebel. I'd rather mention what I like, you know? There's already so much ugliness in the world, why promote it, when there's so much beauty to talk about? But here they are, because we all make mistakes, yes, even designers.

The Ugly Boot-lings (you know - as in ducklings... haha)

Now most of us don't afford the better half of these, (or any of these really) but we can work most of these into our budget...


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