Bookish Endeavour.

Photos by Stefan Vella
Styling by me :D

When in the mood for something bookish yet playful this is what I wear. (I downsized the images at the request of some readers - they're supposed to fit smugly within the computer/laptop screen now :P )

This look is essentially composed of staple pieces.

ZARA polka dot blouse, 
ZARA leather flats, 
Accessorize pearl necklace
Polka dot scarf (from a corner shop in Sliema).
Jeepers Peepers Audrey sunglasses (worn here)
ASOS teal linen shorts
ZARA studded wrap bracelet (also worn here)
Rimmel Red Fever lipstick (as mentioned here)

and last but not least - my dear filofax (which I mentioned here) - gifted from my boyfriend :D

These shorts fit me a size too big, I'm rarely ever disappointed when I buy clothing from ASOS, this has been one of those rare occasions - regardless, I still manage to wear it - it's bagginess makes it cuter in a way. The ZARA polka dot blouse has been somewhat of of a miracle these past weeks. I originally wanted a bigger and bolder polka dot print one but this served me well anyhow - being sheer it entraps both class and sensuality.

These leather shoes I've been nuts about for a while now! I got them last January on sale from ZARA - the price wasn't that reduced (EUR38 from EUR50) but the cost-per-wear was - and still is - well worth it! Often times I carry them around in my bag when I'm wearing heels and my feet need a changeover...

(this reminds me of the time I dressed up as Minnie Mouse, when I was about 5 years old, during Carnival :) )

PS: Take a look at the new widget I've just added - Featured Item. This is where I will be posting my current favorite item - click on it! It will take you straight to its page ;)


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