The Blazer

Once again, I apologise for another 2-day post-miss. I've been rather busy these last two days with a few unexpected happenings, including a funeral. Today I spent the day planning a few blog posts and creating a few sets on polyvore specifically for this post. One of my dearest readers asked me to write about the different ways to wear a blazer. Personally, the blazer is one of my favourite items of clothing since it's versatile, and both classy and fun to wear. I can never tire of it, and I can never, ever own enough blazers. So here's a post in its honour. 

I've created a total of 21 sets (I had to stop eventually) all using a blazer. There are more to come - I'll be adding more blazer-related sets to this collection so keep checking back! If you follow me on twitter (@rougereveries) you'll know I've added new sets to it.

If you like one in particular click on it to view it on polyvore and see all the details! ;) There are only 16 here - but there are more on polyvore - just click anywhere on the image to take you to the collection ;)

As you can see, a blazer is as easily worn with a skirt, as with shorts or pants...or skinny jeans. A blazer is, in itself, a structured clothing piece, however there is a more slouchy variety if you prefer it that way for more relaxed day outfits. Personally I don't like it when it's too proper. I like to make a blazer my own by customising it! Adding a brooch or two (or three!), or turning up the sleeves - it's all up to you.
Blazer - Brooch Encounter
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I love it when you guys tell me what you'd like to see on my blog - that way I'd know what you actually like to see me rant about (and I'd know I'm not blabbing away for nothing...). Hope you liked this post - it's a bit different. If you want me to write about something in particular don't hesitate to contact me - perhaps on twitter or on the blog's facebook page -

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