what made me smile this week

The weekend for me means closure. And as far as my Sundays go, they're the perfect time to reflect upon what's made me bear a few smiles during the week. From weather and food to hair and beauty products, the end result is a smile (whether painted or not...)

1 - Revlon's Pink About It matte lipstick and Revlon's matte Vintage Lace eyeshadow have become my part of my daily arsenal
2 - I put my perfume samples (and my nail buffer) in a shot glass, minute with minute - pretty and practical!
3 - My new studded gloves from Zara to complement my current obsession - and they're leather and they're in black and gold!
4 - I thought the ship had sailed for colourful nails with wintry weather finally kickstarting (it does take a while to start here in Malta) - until I found these - essence's yellow colour&go and BarryM's bubble gum blue I had, but I've only just bought Revlon's burnt coral nail lacquer. Brightly-coloured nails make any day chirpier!
5 - Wintry weather is finally setting in - although it has been one of those humid, headache-inducing weeks at least I get to wear my jackets.

On another note: I am still a public transport user and as far as everything goes with all that has been happening here in Malta with the transition from one system to the other, what has been really bugging me is people eating away all sorts of junk on buses and then inadvertently ditching their rubbish in between seats - kitkat wrappers, crisp packets, jelly-tot packets - seriously, what sort of mentality is this? Next stop is... the bus is not a garbage bin, thank you.

But since I don't want to  end this post on a negative note, and consequently end this week on such note I'd like to wish you all a pleasant week, and I will leave you with a cute Audrey picture. :)


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