What the hype is all about...

I have to say something about the Versace pour H&M collection, I almost feel guilty not to. I neglected doing so in the last two or three posts, but here it is now. Honestly, I do feel that designer + high-street collaboration are a teeny bit overrated. Kind of like one-hit-single fame, where everyone just oodles over every single item and then seem to forget it ever existed all together. The retailers of course prey on the fact that they're limited edition items. And that does work, believe me.

I did want to check out the Versace collection for H&M last Thursday, 17th October however, and I already had a few things in mind which I really wanted. Unfortunately, we do not have H&M in Malta and they don't bother shipping to Malta. [Much like Primark, it's the Maltese tourists' target when shopping abroad.] On the 17th, last Thursday, when the line was to be launched, I thought I'd give it a go and you now, just check how the line went on the H&M website. At 12pm I could not even load the H&M website due to the traffic overload, I kept refreshing but no luck. The H&M shops had people queuing 24hrs beforehand. Donatella did do a good job with her collection. It's kind of reminiscent of the days of Gianni Versace's glory, the 90s.

Anyhow, if I could, I would have bought the following:

I'm a sucker for a nice dress - but the dress isn't everything. As you might have noticed *cough cough*, I've been moaning about not finding the perfect 2 dresses for Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve but... I've finally found the perfect look (let's hope so!)!!! They were right in front of me all along. I won't show them to you... for now. It's a surprise! If you must know I picked a theme and stuck with it. I hope they don't disappoint me, because I still have to assemble the entire look for them to work perfectly.

Anyhow, I encourage you to think out of the box these coming festivities. AND don't just click on 'party dresses' when shopping online. ;)


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