What caught my eye.

On the what's-caught-my-eye-front there have been prints. But not just any prints. Definitely not the butterfly and heart illustrations and cotton prints the mainstream is so keen to purchase on sole grounds that they found them 'cute'.  Clearly, they have not seen eye to eye with the artistic that was boldly brew by designers, bless them. And, clearly, they do not understand the beauty of mixed prints and mashed-up pattern compilations. Indubitably there are those which have encountered such a mix of prints and simply disliked it. But that's pure fancy and even they could not argue that there is great mastery in the art of mixed prints. Mary Katrantzou is, I believe, such a master.

Amongst the FW11 runway there have been several allusions to this trend (think Dries van Noten, 3.1 Phillip Lim and Comme des garcons). 

I think I may be one to work it. Perhaps not in its full extremity, but in healthy dosages. A printed landcape on a mini perhaps (Motel have a few fab ones!). You may also widely interpret this trend and go for a texture mix instead a' la Fendi, Givency and etro.  It is a look which builds with individuality. Since artistic prints may be interpreted differently by each of us, they will be variably and continuously interestingly worn. perhaps boldly printed tights worn with jeans cut-offs and bright red heels? or a, quite literally, picturesque shell top with a plain mini and opaque tights? A jacquard corset with a fur gilet? One may stick to the more minimal yet mashed-up pattern combination such as polka dots and florals...or stripes and florals. Really, it's your call.


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