Up for some geometry?

Well, not really, no. That never was my subject. Lately, and 'lately' for want of a better word since it doesn't really identify with the endless beeping on my style radar these past few months...I have grown found of a new shape, and I have seen a growing recognition to the beauty of the triangle (beauty - can a shape be beautiful?). It is a 'less obvious' shape.

Because, come on, aren't circles and squares a bit overrated? We use them everywhere - as earrings, as rings, on bags, as bags, on dresses and the list goes on. The triangle is subtly taking over. I don't really want to encourage its use since really and truly, the beauty of this 'new-found' shape is in its being interesting and different to the rest. The triangle brings about structure and mystery (since it's not that common a shape..). Lately I have been wearing this odd pair of earrings, a snake ear cuff from Asos and triangular stud earring from an ethnic jewellery shop in Valletta. That snake ear cuff deserves a post of its own, I'll get to it soon!

However, it seems it's not just me who has garnered a new-found appreciation to this shape, retailers have been inspired and now offer a few triangle-themed items...

{Zara Men T-shirt, ASOS triangle earrings, House of Harlow 1960 Triquetta ring, Topshop earrings, ASOS triangle bag, Miss Selfridge dress, Motel dress}


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