[Sunday drifted past] A picnic and Iris Apfel in ELLE UK

The day's over and I'm in bed. Unfortunately I'm not one of the lucky few who sleep as soon as their head touches the pillow. It takes quite a few tosses and turns for me to finally settle down and fall into sweet slumber. Nevertheless, that time - you know, the time in which I toss and turn, I have more than one epiphany. All sorts of wondrous ideas come to mind, and that moment when I can't really accomplish any of them because for one thing I'm in my pjs and secondly, the day has ended, the lights are out and tomorrow morning a new week will have begun.

So now, right before actually opening my netbook to write this blogpost I went through Elle UK's December issue. In the midst of metallics, sequins and gift buys was a really inspiring article about Iris Apfel - the 90-year-old fashionista. I've long seen her in streetstyle photos and I believed her style to be more than eccentric. I'm not going to divulge a lot of this article, because you should read it yourself. She is an inspiring woman with an interesting story to say the least. Elle titled the feature, "A VERY PROPER ICON." However, the quote which I thought I'd share with you readers and stuck with me was this, 
"You know what I tell people who ask me what's a fashion faux pas? It's when you look in the mirror and see a stranger looking back."

Elle UK aside, this weekend was a rather pleasant one - a family gathering, then a picnic with the whole family. Sometimes you need those days to just simply relax and just forget the worries.

WHAT I WORE: What I wore essentially reflected both the event and my mood, of course. I wore my favourite and most comfortable pair of jeans, my tan brogue boots, a colourful green v-neck jumper, a white shirt with vintage-looking navy blue prints and a peter-pan collar - fully buttoned, and my favourite pearl necklace. I kept my red nail polish which I wore the day before, I thought it was a nice touch - that way I worked with the most primary of colours - green, red and blue (all except yellow of course!).


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